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Accommodation for Essential Workers Permit Holders

Business hours

New business hours as from 1 October 2020

We are pleased to announce that as from the 1st of October, we will extend our business hours!

Juffroushoogte Restaurant will open on 29th July – See you there!

We have a delicious menu for these cold days – Enjoy!
Juffroushoogte Valentine Dinner and Show 2020

Heads up! Treat your loved one to a Valentine’s Dinner and romantic Live Show with Weskus Kallie

Have a delicious Xmas Lunch at Juffroushoogte

Join us for a delicious Christmas Lunch

Valentine's Day at Juffroushoogte

What is the Greatest Love story of all time?

When you think of love stories you probably have a few that pop in your head. Whether it’s movies like The Notebook or Titanic, or classic tales like […]